Bubble tea

To accompany your meal, why not be pleasantly surprised by one of our tasty Bubble Tea. We have the largest selection in Quebec City and, if you can not find anything that meets your tastes on our menu, you always have the opportunity to create your own mixes. In addition to the Bubble Tea, we offer you several alternative drinks and a large selection of Ramune (original, orange, melon, grapes, strawberry, pineapple, blueberries, matcha)

Bubble Tea is a drink of Taiwanese origin. It is a mixture of cold tea, sometimes milk, with various flavors and added tapioca balls, which give the name to bubble tea. The latter are generally sucked by means of a large straw. Since its creation, different pearl variants have emerged.

Fanamanga offers you, at its Bubble Tea bar, an impressive menu of homemade blends that you can always adapt to your taste of the moment …

They are available at all times during opening hours.